Clubhouse; Open book invitation into wisdom & insight

-Isha Dhakal

There was an entertaining group I came across “single aau mingle vayera jau” I think you are also smiling reading this name.

“I am a social media new addiction among the youth, voices of thousands of people, a joy ride to a great interesting talk show without a penny in hand, I reunite long-lost friend”.

In the world of youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, overnight clubhouse has been able to install into the phones of every youth and has already become the talk of the town.

The clubhouse is now what everyone is talking about. Rooms, discussion, and inspiration

It’s all in there and we’re intrigued.

Previously in the year 2020, this app had its access only with iOS users but considering its hipe and demand, in the year 2021 it was made accessible to android users as well.
This viral iOS app clubhouse arrived in Nepal after its global launch on android, this audio-based chat app creates a virtual space for you to meet new people, make friends and engage in deeper conversation about your favorite topics.

My 1st day/1st experience in the clubhouse

June 13, the day Clubhouse came knocking into my phone, whom I welcomed with great excitement and zest.

As my city was in full lockdown. I was missing engaging with people. I posted on Facebook, Instagram – “ Blast from the past!…” and showed an image of me hanging with friends, family, cousins which were 2-3 years ago.


In such a situation this app, Clubhouse has been the ultimate gift born during the global pandemic of 2020.

I had been hearing about this app via my friends, social media as well, but have been primarily using it for a couple of weeks.

I was so keen to learn about this app, when I instilled it, there was no login option, clicking on “ get user name” also didn’t work. I was amazed at the functioning of this app. Later on, I got to know that, getting an invitation from a friend is how you access this app.

So a friend of mine sent me an invitation to join in.

“Welcome to your next social media addiction clubhouse- a unique live audio platform.”

My first day on the app was 8-10 hours, an adrenaline-rush experience.

What was I doing? Mostly participating in an engaging discussion with people I didn’t know. I visited about 20-30 rooms. Sometimes I stayed on for a few minutes, whereas other times, I would stay for more.

There was an entertaining group I entered “single aau mingle vayera jau” I think you are also smiling after reading this name. As I entered I too could not hold my laughter

Scrolling further, I came across a room called “ Saathi sanga maan ka kura” I was interested and entered, raised my hand, was warmly welcomed, and given a stage to express my views.

Interesting conversation with the people all around Nepal excited and engrossed me that an hour turning into two was spent without any realization. We wear exhausted but didn’t want to leave. What I am amazed by is the immediate connection you feel to another human being. Maybe it’s because of the pandemic and not having seen people other than those that live in my house.


The clubhouse is an open book invitation into the wisdom and insight from people across the globe and it’s completely free.

This 8-10 hrs of the clubhouse, peeping into different rooms some exciting, knowledgeable, vulnerable, inspiring made me feel like I was on a roller-coaster ride. Accumulating a lot of experiences, knowledge, and emotions that are literally worth thousands of dollars.

I’m thankful for both invitations as well as the chance to listen in matters as far-ranging as the universe spans.

In a nutshell, what you get out of the clubhouse or any social network is mainly dependent upon who you follow and the quality of the nuggets you put out.

If you are reading this, you can find me on the clubhouse at @dhakal_isha.

I hope to hear you there.