Gold price hits 91,300 per tola

gold bars

gold bars are stacked in a vault at the United States Mint, in West Point, N.Y.

KATHMANDU, October 18: The price of hallmark gold has been fixed at Rs 91,300 per tola (equivalent to 11.66 grams) in the domestic market today. Prior to Dashain festival, the yellow metal was traded at Rs 90,600 per tola last Monday (October 11).

Likewise, the price of worked gold has been fixed at Rs 90,800 per tola against Rs 90,150 per tola before Dashain on October 11. The Federation of Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association is the authorised body for determining the prices of gold and silver in the Nepali market based on the international market.

Likewise, the Federation has set the price of silver at Rs 1,225 per tola today, an increment of Rs 45 per tola last Monday.