Nebico’s biscuit industry resumes

KATHMANDU: SEPT. 23 – The Nebico’s Biscuit Factory within the Balaju Industrial Area of ​​Kathmandu has resumed operations. The Nebico’s Biscuit Factory, which was closed due to a fire on Aug. 7, has resumed operations on Wednesday.

Chief Executive Director of the company Keshav Bhattarai said that the target is to produce only 16 tons per day in the first phase. He said that the production was less than the previous capacity as the machine was completely destroyed due to the fire. He also said that on average, 20 to 22 tons of biscuits were produced daily on an average.

He also informed that the area affected by the fire is estimated to be Rs. 220 million. He said that out of which Rs. 120 million has been spent on raw materials and the rest on machines and houses. He also informed that full details of the damage to the machine and the house have not been received yet.

Nepal’s first biscuit production company is Nebico’s Pvt. Ltd. Nebico has been selling its products in the market for about 58 years. Nebico’s Thin Arrowroot, Glucose and Coconut Biscuits dominated the time when the biscuits of international companies did not enter Nepal.