Bhatta’s comeback in Gorkha, became president of JSP

SEPT. 14 – Yan Prasad Bhatta (Saroj) has been elected as the chairman of the JSP Gorkha. He has been appointed as the chairperson on the occasion of the organization strengthening the public awareness program. Bhatta was an influential Maoist leader at the time.

He became inactive in the party after senior leader and current JSP Federal Council chairman Baburam Bhattarai revolted and formed a new force. At that time, he was considered in the Bhattarai group. He has been backed into politics by the JSP leadership after a long time.

After leaving politics, he started raising cows for some time. Earlier, Narayan Khatri was the chairman of JSP Gorkha. Leaders Baburam Bhattarai, Hisila Yami and others are working to expand the organization at the district level.

In 2071 BS, Bhattarai revolted against the UCPN (Maoist) and formed a parallel committee in Gorkha. Bhatta was the district chairman of the then parallel committee. After that, he did not have active politics.