The government is trying to provide vaccines to children: Prime Minister

sher bdr deuba

KATHMANDU: SEPT. 14 – Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has mentioned that the government is making every effort to provide vaccines against COVID-19 to children. Expressing best wishes to the Nepali children and parents inside and outside the country on the occasion of the 57th National Children’s Day, he said that at least 20 per cent beds have been provided in each COVID hospital for the children affected by COVID-19.

Prime Minister Deuba said that more efforts are needed in the areas of education, health and protection of children to protect them from the negative effects of COVID-19. The Constitution of Nepal has recognized the rights of children as fundamental rights.

He said that Article 39 of the constitution has ensured the right of every child to all-around development including education, health, upbringing and proper care from the family and the state. It has been 30 years since Nepal became a party to the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The government is conducting various programs for the protection and promotion of children’s rights through the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens and the National Child Rights Council. The state and local governments are implementing the protection and promotion of child rights with priority.

Stating that every household needs to be child-friendly for building a child-friendly nation while protecting the rights of children, Prime Minister Deuba said that the community, government, schools and health services also need to be child-friendly. Stating that protection and promotion of child rights is the common responsibility of all, he requested all parents, service providers and bodies to be responsible for the all-around development of children on the occasion of National Children’s Day 2078 BS.

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