The lack of communication between the Speaker and Oli is the same, Oli will not attend the all-party meeting

KATHMANDU: SEPT. 13 – Leader of the main opposition party CPN (UML) KP Sharma Oli will not participate in the all-party meeting convened by Speaker of the House of Representatives Agni Prasad Sapkota. According to Deputy Leader Subashchandra Nemwang, Oli will not attend the meeting. “I’m sure he won’t go,” Nemwang said. “Some other friends represent him.”

UML has been protesting in the meetings of the ninth session of the parliament which started on September 8. After this, Speaker Sapkota called an all-party meeting to end the stalemate.

The Parliament Secretariat has written a letter addressing Oli. However, Oli is not going. Due to the dissolution of the parliament on December 20 and May 21 last year, there is a lack of communication between the Speaker and Oli. Oli did not even attend the meeting called earlier.

Speaker Sapkota called for consultations but Nemwang represented him.

Questioning the role of Speaker Sapkota, the UML has been obstructing the parliament sitting that started on September 8. The UML is angry with the speaker saying that the party has protected 14 lawmakers.