SC quashes petition demanding deferral of NC general convention

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The Supreme Court (SC) has quashed the writ petition demanding the general convention of Nepali Congress (NC) be deferred.

A single bench of Justice Anil Kumar Sinha on Thursday has quashed the petition lodged by provincial assembly member of NC in Bagmati Narottam Baidya demanding the general convention be postponed due to the pandemic.

“I have not demanded to stop the general convention. I want it to be postponed to a later date as there is COVID-19 pandemic. Let the pandemic recede. Let’s organize the general convention in a grand manner once there is environment for all Nepalis to be jabbed,” Baidya had said after lodging the petition.

The 14th general convention of NC is scheduled to be held from November 25-29. The ward level election has started from September 3. The convention in rural/municipality is scheduled to be held from September 12.