Father’s Day: Popular fathers and their children in Nepal’s entertainment industry

If mothers are irreplaceable, fathers have their own special place in children’s hearts. One can argue who is more important between two parents, but there is no comparison between their love. Fathers are considered less expressive, but they still are full of love for their children.

When fathers break traditional “boundaries”, they create a special bond with their children. These relationships have trust, understanding and friendship and such duos have inspired scores. On the special occasion of Kushe Aunsi (considered Father’s Day, in Nepal), here are some of the famous fathers and child(ren) pairs of the Nepali entertainment industry:

1. Bhuwan KC and Anmol KC

Bhuwan and Anmol KC

Everyone knows the Nepali Babu-fame Bhuwan KC. He is one of the oldest and pioneer actors in the Nepali cinema industry. He has been active since 1981 and has played more than 100 films to date. His son, Anmol KC has also walked in his path as he joined the film industry in 2013. Anmol made his debut in Hostel, and almost immediately became the heartthrob of many female fans.

Both father and son have set remarkable positions in the Nepali film industry. This duo have been working together in films and music videos and are one of the most popular father-son duos in the industry.

2. Deepak Bajracharya and Cherisa Bajracharya

Deepak Bajracharya started his career by releasing his first album in the 1990s with his former band Lituluns. He has given a number of hit songs that are everyone’s favourites including Kali Kali, Oh Amira and recent hits like Man Magan. Cherisa, his daughter, has also started her singing career and performs together with her father. The duo also are popular for their The Musical Medicine Show on television which started as a platform for musical stress relief during the lockdown.

3. Sunil Kumar Thapa and Suhana Thapa

Sunil Kumar Thapa is a famous director and producer of the Nepali film industry. He is popular for his directorial feat in A Mero Hajur 2 and A Mero Hajur 3. His daughter, actress Suhana Thapa, has also set foot in the film industry from the latter film in 2019. This is another father-daughter duo that have been making names for themselves in the industry.

4. Madan Krishna Shrestha and Yaman Shrestha

Madan Krishna Shrestha is a well-known comedian of Nepal. He is also an actor, writer and singer and famous for being a part of “Maha Jodi”. The name and his portfolio are one of the popular among people and is said to be everyone’s favourite. Yaman Shrestha has also followed the path of his father and has become a singer and music composer.

5. Shiva Shrestha and Shakti Shrestha

Shiva Shrestha is a Nepali actor popularly known for his action movies. Producers and directors of the ‘90s used to believe him to be a pillar of the film industry as he gave many hits. He started his career with Jeevan Rekha in 1982 whereas his son, Shakti, has a debut film in the production of his own father Euta Esto Prem Kahani in 2021.

6. Shovit Basnet and Salon Basnet

Shovit Basnet is a Nepali actor, but he is more popular as a successful Nepali director. He is also known as a Nepali creative director who has directed dozens of superhit Nepali films. His son, Salon Basnet, is also a model and actor. He started his film career as a child actor from Nepali Babu but today is more popular giving his outstanding performances in movies Hostel and Gajalu.

7. Uday Sotang and Shreya Sotang

Uday Sotang is a popular Nepali singer who has given a number of hit songs like Maya Namara Hai. Continuing the musical legacy, the daughter of singers Uday and Manila, Shreya Sotang, also joined the Nepali entertainment industry as a singer. She is a hit among the youth because of her soothing voice, much like her father. Her first album was Suruwat, with which she was able to win a number of musical awards. This is one of the most popular father-daughter singing duos of Nepal.

8. Shila Bahadur Moktan, Subani Moktan and Shital Moktan


This is another popular father-daughter duo, or a trio, from the Nepali entertainment industry. Kunti Moktan, Shila Bahadur Moktan and daughters Subani and Shital Moktan are all individually popular singers in the industry. Shila Bahadur is a talented singer and music composer of Nepal, and following suit Subani and Shital also started singing. Their debut album Pahilo Maya won them the Hits FM Best New Artist Award. Both of them have individual careers for themselves and are popular among the youth.