Taliban accused of killing pregnant policewoman

KABUL: SEPT. 6 – Taliban militants have shot dead a female police officer in an Afghan city, eyewitnesses have told the BBC.

According to local media, the woman, identified as Banu Negar, was killed in front of her family at her home in Ferozkoh town of Ghor district.

The latest killings come amid reports of rising violence against women in Afghanistan.

The Taliban has denied any involvement in the attack, saying it was investigating.

Spokesman Jabihullah Mujahid said: “We are aware of this incident and I confirm that the Taliban did not kill him, our investigation is ongoing.”

He added that the Taliban had already granted amnesty to people who had previously worked with the government, adding that the cause of Neger’s death could be “personal enmity or something else.”

Locals remain silent for fear of retaliation. Due to that, the details of the incident are still unclear.

According to family members, Neger, who works at a local prison, was pregnant. She had an eight-month-old baby in her womb.

Relatives say three gunmen came to her home on Saturday and searched the house before tying up the family members.

An eyewitness said the gunmen were heard speaking in Arabic.

With the Taliban taking control of much of Afghanistan, including Kabul, on August 15, the Taliban has sought to portray itself as a more tolerant group than in the past.

That is different from his worldwide introduction.

But there are still reports of brutality and repression in various parts of Afghanistan.


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