Nepal’s COVID-19 death toll rises to 10,786


KATHMANDU: SEPT. 2 – Coronavirus has been confirmed in another 2,004 people in Nepal on Thursday.

According to the Ministry of Health, coronavirus was confirmed in 1,619 people during the 10,658 PCR tests conducted in the country and in 385 people during the 3,992 antigen tests.

At the same time, the number of coronavirus infections in Nepal has reached 8 lakh 48 thousand 208.

Another 16 people have died due to coronavirus. According to the Ministry, 10,786 people have died due to coronavirus in Nepal so far.

Similarly, while 1,846 have been recovered, 721,182 infected have been recovered in Nepal so far.

Currently, there are 33,946 actively isolated and 302 quarantined infected people in Nepal.

So far, 39,36,416 PCRs and 477,260 antigens have been tested, according to the ministry.