Kathmandu DAO authorises local governments to decide school reopening

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Kathmandu, September 1

The Kathmandu District Administration Office has authorised local governments in the district to decide if they allow schools to reopen to conduct face-to-face classes.

The schools had closed the physical classes in late April citing the Covid-19 infection risks. Since then, they have been conducting online classes.

However, the Gokarneshwar municipality in the district has reopened schools this week, which many say is against the provisions of the prohibitory order issued to control the pandemic.

But, amending the order on Wednesday, the DAO allowed other municipalities also to follow suit.

While the order says the physical classes are still prohibited, it adds the local governments can make a decision in coordination with the District Covid-19 Crisis Management Centre. The schools should follow all health protocols.

The amended order will stay in effect until September 16, according to Chief District Officer Kali Prasad Parajuli.