Govt to withdraw ordinance about political parties


The government is preparing to withdraw the ordinance making splitting of parties easier.

The ordinance allows split of a party with support of just 20 percent in either the central committee or parliamentary party. The act about political parties required support of 40 percent in both the parliamentary party and the central committee to split any political party.
CPN-UML and Janata Samajwadi party (JSP) have subsequently split in accordance to the ordinance. The government is set to withdraw the ordinance now that the purpose has been served.

“There is already agreement on not continuing it,” a minister confided with media requesting anonymity. “This must be revoked as its objective has already been fulfilled.”
JSP, which is part of the ruling coalition, has been putting pressure for withdrawal saying the Cabinet cannot be expanded until the ordinance remains in force. “JSP has said there is danger of splitting the party again if some are not made ministers,” a leader who participates in coalition meeting told to media.

JSP Chairman Upendra Yadav told media that the ordinance should be taken back as it is not good to rule through ordinance undermining the parliament. “It will create difficulties even for the country,” Yadav stated when asked if selection of ministers is becoming difficult due to the ordinance. “It is difficult for us but the country will also face difficulty together.”

The ordinance includes a provision giving provincial lawmakers and local representatives of a party 21 days to chose party if the party splits. The 21-deadline for the new partie