How will NC form provincial committees?

Nepali Congress (NC) will form provincial committees in the seven provinces for the first time.The provincial committees will be formed in accordance to the party statute adopting federalism and the party will hold provincial conventions from October 27-29 ahead of the 14th general convention in November.

The provincial committees will have a president, two vice-presidents, two general secretaries, three joint general secretaries (including one woman) and members all elected by the provincial convention. The elected president will nominate the treasurer from among the members as at the center.

The provincial president must be an active member of the party for at least 15 years and a representative for provincial convention, and must secure more than 50 percent of votes either in the first round or the second round among the top two contenders if nobody manages to secure 50 percent in the first round.

The provincial committees will also have two directly elected members including a woman from each district in the province concerned. The president will get to nominate 20 percent of the total members in the province committee as per the principle of inclusion. Party presidents of the districts in the province concerned must be invited to the provincial committee meetings.

All representatives elected from the provincial constituencies for the provincial convention, those elected from the federal constituencies for the general convention, the current central office-bearers and members in the province concerned are also members for the provincial convention. Presidents of

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