Public transport in Humla charging arbitrary fare

Public transport from Simkot, the district headquarters of Humla, to the surrounding villages has been taking an arbitrary fare. Kummer Hamal, a local, complained that the driver of the jeep and Bolero jeep started charging up to Rs. 500 from Simkot to Kharpu. They have started charging up to Rs. 500 instead of Rs. 350 Hamal has complained that the driver refused to take him if he did not pay the prescribed fare.

Even though the district headquarters is not connected to the national road network, the short-distance transport from Simkot to the inter-municipality has started charging passengers arbitrarily. The passengers said that the businessmen did not even give them tickets. “No one will take action against those who collect arbitrary rent. Those who collect as much as they like have been charged rent,” said Hamal.

The driver does not appear to have used any means to prevent the corona infection, as the fear of the corona spreading has increased due to carrying more passengers than seats. There is no monitoring on the issue of jeep drivers taking more fares from passengers. Although the traffic police have tightened the investigation only in the district headquarters Simkot, the lack of monitoring from the concerned agencies outside the district headquarters has caused more problems to the passengers. Hamal complained that the concerned bodies were not interested in taking more rent.

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