US image destroyed in Afganistan: Why did they stay quiet when the Taliban captured the country?

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The hasty withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s quick takeover of the country has further tarnished America’s global image. The humiliating defeat of the United States and the disastrous military withdrawal should be seen as a major political failure by President Joe Biden. This could be seen as a step towards further crisis over Biden’s remaining term.


Although the United States has spent more than 20 years in Afghanistan, it still does not understand the politics and culture of the country, the disillusionment of the people with the war, and the crime and corruption of the leaders of that failed state. Biden’s political and geopolitical enemies are trying to take advantage of his weakness. But most importantly, the Afghan people are once again under the strict rule of the Taliban.


The failure of the United States to secure Afghan translators, workers, and intermediaries is likely to lead to retaliation by the Taliban. Such retaliation would be a major blow to America’s global image. When the United States started the war in Afghanistan 20 years ago, there was a strong sense of revenge. After the end of the Cold War, the myth of America’s superpower was shattered by the events of 9/11. But now the United States is rushing out of Afghanistan and has been forced to bow by Stone Age fighters. These jihadists are ready to die for jihad on their land and are trying to bring back the feudal era to the war-torn country.


The Afghan war has killed and maimed thousands of Americans. Millions of Afghans also fell victim to the war. The war cost billions of dollars. But the world community is shocked when such a long and costly war ends in such a disgraceful manner. Biden could understand the purpose of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. It was an illusion for the United States to have a system like its own in another country, and it was understood that even if the United States was involved there for years, it would not work.


The United States has spent billions of dollars on Afghan security forces and police to fight the Taliban but to no avail. It shows how high-ranking US military officials and diplomats make the wrong decisions because of their prejudices. So Biden did what the average American wanted. The American people are in a state of despair and disillusionment as the United States has been embroiled in wars for years. Ordinary Americans have been asking why US troops have been stationed in Afghanistan for 20 years.


None other than the arms dealer agreed that the war should escalate. Ignoring the concerns of ordinary Americans, President Joe Biden’s decision to deploy more US troops in the name of stopping the Taliban would have drawn sharp criticism in the United States. And under Obama, Biden has spoken out against US involvement in foreign wars, and he still does not appear to be in favour of war. So his decision to withdraw US troops was inevitable.


But the move to withdraw troops had to be systematic. The White House seemed completely incapable of assessing whether the Taliban would seize power so quickly and so easily. Last week’s assessment by US intelligence said that Kabul would fall to the Taliban in just six months did not go unnoticed.


Although US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken spoke out on Sunday, the events in Afghanistan over the past few days have been both politically and geopolitically damaging to the Biden administration. Biden did not deserve to be called commander-in-chief of the United States because he himself said a victory for the Taliban was not inevitable. He claimed that the Afghan army was capable of countering the Taliban. Opposition Republicans have strongly criticized Biden’s unprovoked military withdrawal. Former President Donald Trump has criticized his administration for failing to comply with a repatriation plan. “Now America’s enemies have found a new base to attack the United States,” he said.


After losing the Vietnam War, the United States was humiliated when it had to rescue Americans from Saigon by helicopter. Despite Biden’s assurances that such a moment would not be repeated in Afghanistan, the world watched as US military helicopters landed on the roof of the US embassy in Kabul and rescued the diplomats. Moreover, when the American flag at the embassy was lowered without any ceremony, its shameful symbolism proved fatal to the image of the United States.


More importantly, the US withdrawal from Afghanistan proved that it was not a reliable partner. This time too, America’s old habit of using oneself while working and giving up when one stops working was seen. The various countries of the world that have become partners of the United States must have learned a quick lesson from this.


Biden, who said he had returned to the United States as soon as he became president (America is back), further insulted the United States by failing to manage the first crisis of his foreign policy. Biden, who has called for the protection of democracy in many parts of the world, was left speechless when he left the democratic government in Afghanistan in a state of crisis.