650 House in Madi get Electricty after 2 Months

electricity from power project

The electricity of Nepal Electricity Authority’s central transmission line has been supplied to Madi village municipality-1 of Kaski. 650 households of Parche and Khilang villages of Madi-1, including Sikles, which is also a tourist destination, were forced to spend the night in darkness since June 20.

Initially, the villagers used to light electricity in the village from local micro-hydro and later from Sikles Hydro.

Village Municipality Chairman Bed Bahadur Gurung inaugurated the line by switching on the collective meter box on Saturday. He said that 650 houses were electrified from the old structure by installing a collective meter for the time being as it would take time to install meters in all the houses.

He said, “Even though the people have been suffering for two months due to the floods, the central transmission line has reached Sikles, Parche and Khilang villages in coordination with the Electricity Authority since Saturday.” We have succeeded in lighting the lamp in the village through the continuous hard work and cooperation of all. ”

The lack of electricity had affected the service flow of ward offices, banks, cooperatives and ECAP offices for a long time. The problem of mobile charging in the village also made it difficult to communicate. The floods had damaged half a dozen hydropower projects under construction and completed on the banks of the Madi River.