Oxygen production started at Hetauda Hospital from today

Hetauda Hospital

About three months after the agreement was signed, an oxygen plant has been set up at Hetauda Hospital and production has started.
An agreement was reached with the hospital administration on May 16 to set up a plant at the Madan Bhandari Institute of Health Sciences, Hetauda Hospital with the financial support of the Industries Association, Makwanpur.

As there is no oxygen plant in the district, there is a problem in the treatment of the infected and there is an extreme shortage of oxygen. The hospital has been currently experiencing 100 new covid infected patients per day with 5 deaths per day. The association, in coordination with private sector entrepreneurs, purchased the plant and handed it over to the hospital in a ceremony on Sunday.

Lekhraj Pokharel, president of the Makwanpur Industries Association, said that 31 industrialists have assisted in the establishment of the plant which has the capacity to produce 115 to 120 cylinders of oxygen daily. He said that a total cost of Rs. 12.8 million has been spent on the establishment and connection of the plant.

Pokharel handed over the oxygen plant to Rajesh Prasai, registrar of Madan Bhandari Institute of Health Sciences and chairman of Hetauda Hospital Operation and Management Committee, while Bagmati Chief Minister Dormani Poudel inaugurated the plant.

There has been a radical change in the health sector: Chief Minister Poudel

Chief Minister of Bagmati Pradesh Poudel has said that the state government has brought a radical change in the health sector.
Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the Oxygen Plant, Chief Minister Poudel said that the state government formed after the establishment of federalism in the country has revolutionized the health service by developing and expanding the health sector.
Stating that the state government has made all possible efforts to control the corona epidemic and the state government has set up oxygen plants in all the district hospitals of the state, he said that the citizens of the state should not lose their lives due to lack of oxygen in the coming days.

He said that the state government was actively working for the up-gradation of Hetauda Hospital.
He further stated that the state government has focused on providing accessible and quality health services to the common people of the state.

He said that the services of three doctors have been extended to more than 50 to strengthen the standard of Hetauda Hospital.
He said that the state government was working on building construction, service expansion and management of equipment with the aim of making Hetauda Hospital a 500-bed hospital within the next two years.