Nepalese in Afganistan rescued and taken to Dubai

Nepalis in Afghanistan rescued and taken to Dubai

Nepalis in Afghanistan rescued and taken to Dubai

Security guards at the British embassy in Afghanistan have been rescued and taken to Dubai. About 100 security guards, including about 50 Nepalis at the embassy, ​​were rescued and taken to Dubai. The remaining half of the 200 people were awaiting rescue and were taken to Dubai, said Pratik Thakuri, a resident of Dang.

The rescue operation was carried out by an army ship at the British Embassy in Afghanistan. After rescuing the additional security guards at the embassy, ​​the country is preparing to send them.

Many Afghan cities have been captured by the Taliban. Now the Taliban are preparing to capture the country capital Kabul. As a result, foreigners are in a state of panic, says Thakuri.

Thakuri said the British embassy had rescued them and taken them to Dubai after the Taliban prepared to capture the capital, Kabul. He said that preparations are being made to send the plane to Nepal by chartering it in Dubai. Thakuri informed that they were kept in a very safe way in Dubai.

The condition of Nepalis in other embassies is unknown. According to Thakuri, nothing has been done so far about the rescue of Nepalis and foreigners in other embassies.

So far no initiative has been taken for the rescue of Nepalis and other foreigners including the Japanese Embassy, ​​German Embassy and Canadian Embassy. Thakuri said that the Nepalis in the embassy were on the verge of rescue. Thakuri had reached Afghanistan from Nepal five years ago through Gurkha security. He said it was the first time in five years that Afghans had been in such a state of panic.

The Taliban have stepped up their attacks since the withdrawal of US-led coalition forces from Afghanistan. As of Sunday morning, the Taliban had captured all major Afghan cities except the capital, Kabul.

Powerful nations have begun rescuing their citizens as the Taliban intensifies attacks. But, how many Nepalis are there in Afghanistan? How is their condition? Nobody has been interested in rescuing or being able to get the information. It is estimated that there are now more than a thousand Nepali security guards in Afghanistan. They are all waiting for rescue.

The Nepali embassy in Delhi, which has been visiting Afghanistan, has said that it is very difficult to understand the Nepalis there. Embassy First Secretary Vijay Kumar Rawat said it was difficult to get information about the situation of Nepalis there due to the Taliban attack.