School wall colapses after one and a half months of construction

Less than a month and a half after the construction of the Annapurna Secondary School wall at Buwalung in Dorpa of Khotang collapsed, the construction consumer committee and the school are being criticized through social network Facebook.

It is said that the wall was constructed under the conditional grant of the federal government at a cost of Rs. 20.16 lakhs

When asked to the school administration, They answer that they don’t know the reason why the wall collapsed. Can there be any construction work within the school without informing the school administration? Whoever did it, They should be aware of the longevity of the work’. Tell me now! Who is responsible for this? ‘Gajendra Rai of Diktel Rupakot, Majuwagadhi Municipality-8, Dorpa Buwalung wrote on social network Facebook,’

Due to the geographical conditions, the school building has been constructed in the lower and upper depths. A playground had already been constructed in front of the lower building. A two-meter high wall was erected on the wall of the playground.

The school principal Rekha Devi Basnet said that the newly constructed wall was damaged due to the flood.

“The stairs leading to the upper building from the lower surface playground were constructed using the fund received from the municipality,” she said. The principal further stated that Due to the flood issues the sides of the stairs also have been craked. It is important for the concerned bodies to pay attention to this issue.

According to her, an iron pole has been laid on the slope and a wired net has been done to prevent the students from falling in the upper building.

The cement foundations of various parts of the wireless net can be seen cracked and broken due to flooding. Some of the poles and nets built in the school deals are hanging on the deals of the playground.

Locals have alleged that the wall collapsed due to the construction consumer committee laying a fence on the cement without constructing a proper supporting base for the structure wall to save money.

Bishnumaya Thapa, chairperson of the wall construction consumer committee, claims that the wall and stairs built before the onset of rains have become dilapidated due to flooding.

Ward Chairman Lila Kumar Chauhan informed that the work on the walls and stairs of the school was of better quality and more than estimated.

“The school wall has suffered minor damage due to the floods after continuous rains,” he said, adding that it would cost around Rs 50,000 to repair it. I have asked the consumer committee to repair the broken school wall immediately. ‘

According to locals, most of the development projects in the district have been damaged due to continuous rains this year.

Most of the development projects were rushed to the end of the fiscal year to complete the allocated budget. It is said that most of the roads constructed during the winter have been washed away by the floods.