Oxygen production started at Arghakhanchi hospital

arghachi hospital

Sandhikharka: Oxygen production has started at the Oxygen Plant constructed at Arghakhanchi Hospital. Oxygen production has started at the Oxygen Plant constructed at the Arghakhanchi Hospital premises in Sandhikharka Municipality-1. At the same time, Corona has become easier to treat. Earlier, the hospital was compelled to fill the cylinder in Butwal of Rupendehi. Now the compulsion has been removed and the patient doesn’t have to choose death due to lack of oxygen.

The plant fills 70 big cylinders within 24 hours. The federal government had allocated Rs. 1 crore, 50 lakh to Arghakhanchi Hospital for the construction of the plant. Hospital’s superintendent, Dr. Kapil Gutam has said that Technology International has taken the responsibility of constructing the plant at a cost of Rs. 98 lakh. The number of corona infections in the Arghakhanchi district has reached 3748 so far. 2951 people have defeated Corona. At present, there are 754 active corona infections in the district. So far, 79 people have died due to corona infection.

During the second wave of the corona at last Baisakh-Jestha, there was an extreme lack of oxygen and there were many problems in the treatment. In the third wave, there will be no shortage of oxygen in the district, said Hospital Development Committee Chairman Srikrishna Bhusal. Now, the patients will be not be forced to refer to Butwal and Kathmandu for treatment.

The hospital is producing oxygen with the help of generators when electricity is not regular. The oxygen was produced from electricity when there was electricity and when there is no electricity, oxygen is being produced with the help of generators. The hospital has stated that a regular power supply is being initiated for oxygen production.

Arghakhanchi district has become deserted due to the lockdown imposed on Shrawan 26. A meeting of the all-party Covid 19 Crisis Management Committee had decided to impose a lockdown as the number of people infected with the coronavirus was increasing in the district.

Assistant Chief District Officer Binod Khanal, Inspector of Police Ganesh Khanal, Inspector of Armed Police Mani Palli Magar, and state member of the Federation of Nepali Journalists Prem Narayan Acharya were present at the inauguration ceremony.

Daily necessities like grains, vegetables, and fruits, milk dairy, meat shop, agricultural shop are allowed to open only from 6 am to 9 am. Pharmacies, clinics, dental clinics will be open 24 hours a day.

Banks and financial institutions will remain open till 9 am during the ban period. Assemblies, conferences, seminars, and banquets will not be held, while the pre-determined examinations of the Public Service Commission, Tribhuvan University, National Examination Board, Technical Education, and Vocational Training Council, and other bodies will be conducted. People are out of the house only when there is urgent work.
Assistant Chief District Officer at the District Administration Office, Bishnu Poudel, said that strict action would be taken against anyone who disobeyed the lockdown till 12 noon on Shrawan 30. The office has urged to fully comply with the injunction and to adopt health standards in full compliance with the rules as the district is at high risk of the corona.

There are 114,705 citizens above 18 years of age in Arghakhanchi. Out of them, 36,717 have been vaccinated against corona so far, said Radharam Acharya, head of vaccination at Arghakhanchi Health Office. Of them, 12,934 people have applied the first dose and 3,809 have applied the second dose.

Similarly, 14,633 people have been vaccinated with the first dose of Verosel and 3,132 people have also been vaccinated with the second dose. 11,501 people are yet to be vaccinated with the second dose.

They are scheduled to be vaccinated on December 11 and 12, said Bijay Baral, information officer at the health office. Similarly, the first dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been given to 9,550 people.