Gathering of Congressional Institutional district chairman: conclusion to go to a special convention

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Kathmandu- District chairman of the congressional institutional group has said that they should go to a special convention, expressing doubts that the party’s 14th convention will be rescheduled. The gathering conducted on Monday and Tuesday by the founding group of Nepalese Congress has made this conclusion as per Jagdeshwaran Singh KC, the district president of Nuwakot.

‘Always adding time is not the solution. Instead of adding time, we should think about how to eradicate the party’s constitutional crisis, he said this with Ekagaz. He also added, ‘If the party cannot hold a convention on the 16th of the Bhadra, there is no alternative but to hold a special convention on the territorial and federal level from the elected convention representative of the 13th Convention and elected there, and there is no alternative for elected convention representatives to do regular work from Ward to Center from six months to a year’.

He said that they had come out of the discussions with the conclusion that the Democratic Party was at increased risk of going on an unpopular path because of the party’s leadership. KC says that usually, almost all district presidents should try as much as possible to hold a convention on a regular date. A two-day discussion has come to an end and a decision is set to be made public between the top leaders at 2 pm on 10th August.

The founding side of Congress is planning to postpone the convention rather than conducting it on a regular time, while the foundation’s – especially the Ramchandra Paudel has been saying that the convention should be held on a regular time. The congressional election schedule has already been affected. The Ward Level Convention, scheduled for May 12, has already been postponed but not even a single new date has yet been set.

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