Maoist MP says: Mandamus and comfortable words are now outdated

maya psd sharma

Maya Prasad Sharma, a member of the National Assembly from Maoist has said that “Mandamus” and “Comfortable” words are now outdated. He said this statement during the National Assembly Meeting which was held on Tuesday. “The word comfortable government and mandamus government has ascended but now this has been outmoded,” He said, “Only a part of the communist party has been saying this but now it has no meaning.”

He accused KP Sharma Oli of taking a DNA test of the communist party and forming a land commission by keeping people from his own group. He said that in this commission, there aren’t any people from the Madhav Nepal faction and Maoists who have helped the government. Sharma has also pointed out that there is a need for an all-party land commission to address the problems of the landless slums. He said he was in the campaign to run the state while defending a republican, federalism secularism inclusive, and proportional system from a major conflict.

He also noted that some didn’t like these agendas, which he received after a number of struggles.