Double digit decline in Nepse, Four company Shares go Double Circuit


On the last day of the trading week, the stock market index Nepse has dropped by double digits. Nepse, which had declined by 16 points between the ups and downs, has stopped at 3,107 points.

On this day, there is a circuit in the prices of Nepal Finance, Karnali Development Bank, Jeevan Vikas Microfinance and Union Life Insurance. Jeevan Vikas and Union Life are recently listed companies.

On this day, the price of Universal Power has decreased by 6.7 percent and that of Barun Hydro has decreased by 5 percent.

On Thursday, the development bank group has seen a big increase. The group has increased by 110 points as the overall Nepse has declined. All other groups have declined.

Banking remained below 1 point. Finance declined by 26 points, hotels and tourism by 49 points, hydropower by 76 points, life insurance by 59 points, manufacturing by 68 points, microfinance by 40 points, non-life insurance by 56 points, others by 16 points and business groups by 44 points.

A total of 288,45,431 shares of 226 companies were traded at a turnover of Rs 14.31 billion on Thursday, according to the Nepal Stock Exchange.

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