Rape-accused Manoj Pandey being taken to District Court

Manoj Pandey

KATMANDU, May 23: A human trafficking and smuggling case has been filed against Manoj Pandey, who has been accused of raping a girl a few years back, on Monday.

Following the filing of the case, Manoj Pandey was taken to the District Court, Kathmandu to initiate the investigation into the case.

Earlier, the court had already recorded the statement of the victim.

A girl ‘Sushmita’ recently publicized a series of TikTok videos accusing Pandey of raping her after being drugged inviting her to a successful party at Everest Hotel in Kathmandu.

Accused Pandey was arrested from Swayambhu, Kathmandu on Saturday.

Pandey, originally from Bairahawa, was the organizer of Miss Global International in 2014.