Karnataka man falls while scaling dam wall, wanted to impress friends


BENGALURU: MAY. 23 – A man from Karnataka’s Chikkaballapur district fell down while trying to climb the wall of Srinivasa Sagara Dam on Sunday.

As per reports, the man was trying to impress his friends by scaling the wall. However, he fell down and injured himself.

The incident took place at 4 pm yesterday. He kept climbing up to 25 feet, but ended up losing the grip thereafter, and fell down.

He suffered serious injuries and was taken to a hospital nearby, in Bengaluru. His treatment is underway.

Karnataka | A man fell down the wall of Srinivasa Sagara Dam in Chikkaballapur and got injured while he was attempting to scale the wall. The incident occurred yesterday.

According to the police and the local administration, no such stunt is allowed at the dam.

The police have also registered a case in this regard and some concrete decisions are being taken to ensure that no such incident should happen in the future.