Mugu Prison Building Unused, Obligation to send prisoners out of the district

prison building unused

The prison building constructed in the district has fallen into disuse. The prison building at Thapalchaur in Chhayanath Rara Municipality-3, which was started eight years ago, has become unusable as it has not been handed over to the district jail yet. Although the building division office Jumla opened a 35 million contract for the construction of the prison building in 2071 BS, it is still in a state of abandonment.

Chief of the prison office, Datta Lama, said that the newly constructed prison building has been abandoned as the building division office has not yet informed the prison branch here. The construction work of the building has been undertaken by RC Construction Dhangadhi.

Even though a prison building with a capacity of 80 men and 20 women has been built, Prisoners have to be sent to an outlying district. According to the District Administration Office, the contractor and the building division have reached an agreement on the commencement of the construction work within three years from the start date.

According to Jana Bahadur Dhami, Information Officer at the District Police Office, Mugu, the prisoners are being sent to Jumla, Bardiya, Dailekh, Surkhet, Dang and other districts. He said that 12 prisoners were sent out of the district this year and 21 last year. According to the District Police Office, it will cost one lakh rupees to send one prisoner out of the district.

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