Belarusian Athlete Refuses to Return Home


An athlete from Belarus who came to Japan to play in the Olympics has refused to return to her home country.

She arrived in Japan to compete in the women’s 200-meter dash, afterwards was taken to the airport to be sent home after athlete Christina Simnauskaya publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the national team. But she has refused to return home, urging the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to intervene.

“They are trying to get me out without my permission,” she said in a video posted on the messaging app Telegram. I appeal to the IOC to intervene. ”

The IOC said it had received information about her and had sought clarification from Belarus’s National Olympic Committee. Earlier, in an interview with the European radio station For Belarus, Christina said that she was afraid to return to the country.

She posted a video on the social network Instagram criticizing some of her teammates for including them on the 400-meter short notice even though they were ineligible for the competition.

Cristina was criticized after the video went public on Belarusian state television. According to Christina, she was removed from the team for talking about the negligence of the coach on Instagram.

Belarus’s Olympic team has claimed that she was removed from the team due to her emotional and psychological condition. She will no longer be able to compete in the 200 meters and 400 meters. Christina is currently at the airport in Tokyo, Japan, and is seeking asylum in Austria, according to international media reports.

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