Government failed to achieve goals in Telecommunications Sector

The government has failed to achieve the targets set in the telecommunications sector. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has just made public the progress report of its subordinate institutions and bodies till mid-July last year.

According to the progress report made public by the ministry, most of the agencies under the ministry have failed to achieve their goals. Among them, the ministry is far behind the government’s target in the telecommunications sector.

The ministry had set a target of laying a total of 12,620 kilometres of optical fiber by the end of last fiscal year. However, that goal was not achieved.

According to the information provided by the ministry, a total of 10,189 kilometres of optical fiber extension work has been completed by the time the details are ready.

Similarly, the body has failed to reach the target of reaching 30 percent of the population with fixed broadband services. According to the ministry’s progress report, fixed broadband services have reached only 22.46 percent of the population. The ministry has achieved its target in terms of internet customer density.

The ministry had set a target of providing mobile internet access to 80 percent of the population by the end of last fiscal year. By the time the progress report is made public, mobile internet access has reached 82.79 percent of the population.

Similarly, the government had set a target of bringing digital television to 82 percent and radio to 92 percent of households. However, no further details are available.

By the end of FY 2076/07, access to digital television was 72 percent and access to radio was 87 percent. There has been no achievement in a period of one year.

During this period, 35 government services have started serving the general public online. Which is in line with the government’s goal.