39 Nepali Lives Lost abroad due to Covid In 3 Weeks Span


Another 39 Nepalis have lost their lives abroad in the last three weeks due to global spread.

According to the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), 37 Nepalis have died in Malaysia, 1,1 in Iraq, and Uganda due to the Covid-19. According to the data collected by the association, 486 Nepalis in 29 countries, including India, have died due to coronary heart disease. For the first time in Iraq, a Nepali has died due to corona.

According to the Health Committee under the Non-Resident Nepali Association, 127,934 Nepalis have been infected with a corona in 54 countries so far. Of them, 117,529 Nepalis have been released from isolation.

According to Dr. Sanjiv Sapkota, coordinator of the committee, 91.86 percent of Nepalese have been free from corona infection abroad so far. According to Sapkota, Nepalese living in Malaysia and India have seen more corona infections in the past two weeks.