Biplav Led maoist Protest against Darchula Incident

Biplav Led maoist

The Communist Party of Nepal-Dang (Biplav) has staged a protest in Ghorahi on Saturday.

Jaisingh Dhami, 35, of Malgaun in Beas Gaonpalika-2 of Darchula had gone missing in the Mahakali River on July 31 after the rope of a tuin was cut by the Indian Border Security Force. The party has protested in Ghorahi against the same.

Addressing the rally after the demonstration, party central members and Dang district in-charge Sheetal said that the atrocities committed by Indian imperialism against Nepal and the Nepali people were intolerable.

Shital urged the government to be more responsible in taking action against Dhami’s killer and guaranteeing peace and security of the Nepali people.

Leader Shital, who was also the keynote speaker at the program, said that the party has adopted a political strategy of giving the people the right to choose the system through a referendum for the establishment of a scientific socialist state system.

Addressing the program, Patan, central coordinator of the youth organization Nepal, argued that the parliamentary parties could not speak out against the incident.

Addressing the program, Samjhana, Central Vice-Chairperson of All Nepal Women’s Association Krantikari, said that India’s naked intervention in the country known as a symbol of heroism and pride was unacceptable.