Sheep responsible for excavating historic tombs!


Finding and excavating historical tombs is certainly not an easy task in any country. This requires time, research, resources, and hard work.

Archaeologists and experts often carry out the search and excavation of possible tombs, with the knowledge of how to safely excavate old tombs and all the materials needed for excavation. But in Ireland, sheep are being given the task of finding historic tombs.

Sheep will help to excavate graves lost due to weeds and grass growth.

Sheep have been hired to clean up the graves at the historic Cancer Cemetery. Of course, the job of the sheep is to clean the graveyard by eating the grass that has grown abundantly.

Sheep will not do other excavation work, but experts say that sheep can be used as an archeological tool that will be very useful for such initial cleaning in the excavated area. Experts will excavate the graves after the sheep have eaten the grass growing on the graves.

Earlier in the day, Andrew Buckley, a Conservative and Christian Democratic Party (FDF) councilor in Finna Falm, had suggested using sheep at St. Matthew’s Cemetery in Crosshaven.

The grave of a 2-year-old girl who died in Wales on October 7, 1872, was discovered with the help of a sheep. Volunteer groups involved in locating and preserving old burial sites have recently been taking the help of sheep.