Metropolis locking up companies that does not pay taxes

Metropolis locking up companies that does not pay taxes

Kathmandu. The Kathmandu Metropolitan City is going to lock up the companies that do not pay taxes among the big taxpayers in the city.

The metropolis had extended the deadline for big companies to pay taxes within three days. As per a written letter circulated, The metropolis had warned to lock the companies if the tax was not paid within that period.

The metropolis had written a letter last Wednesday announcing the names of 20 taxpayer companies that have not paid taxes for five years.

Companies that do not pay tax include Kantipur Dental Hospital, Chirayu Hospital, Devendra Lal Shrestha, NRT Club, United World Trade Center, Bagmati Chamber, Buddhabari Complex, Kathmandu Engineering College, Adar Complex, Nepal Red Cross Society, Institute of Agricultural Materials, LRI Boarding School, Manmohan Memorial College and Teaching Hospital, RB Complex, Shubhshree’s Operative Limited, Kathmandu Plaza, Nepal Stock Market, Gopalji Properties Pvt. Ltd and Star Mall.

According to the metropolitan revenue department, some of these companies have said they will pay taxes by this evening. The head of the department, Dr. Shivraj Adhikari informed that the company of non-paying taxpayers will be locked this evening.

“We have already been informed to pay the tax within three days but so far we have not received any tax payments,” he said. Some taxpayers have not even paid taxes since the company was launched. ”

According to the official, more than Rs 700 million is yet to be collected for the five-year period. “We have already been informed through various media asking the taxpayers to pay the tax within three days. According to our instructions, we are going to lock up the taxpayer’s company. Earlier, we had only been given a warning. Now we are sealing it with a lock, ”he said.

He said the Corona epidemic did not cause taxpayers trouble. The officer claims.

“These taxpayers have to be locked up and sealed when they refuse to pay taxes. We will lock the metropolitan city police, Nepal Police today, ”. The official said, “Despite repeated notices, the taxpayers refused to pay taxes.”