Clashes between health workers and police inside Veer Hospital

bir hospital

Kathmandu. Police have intervened in protests done by health workers and employees of Bir Hospital Kathmandu.

The clash between the police and protesters resulted in the injury of 4 protestors. A protesting employee of Bir Hospital Mr. Dipak Mudhbhari informed reporters that the employees were protesting against the hospital’s administrative officer Mr. Jageshowr Gauttam.

The government has brought an ordinance related to the control of Covid 19 and announced to make Bir Hospital a Covid Unified Hospital and Gautam was appointed chief. But since then, health workers and staff have been protesting, saying there has been no improvement in the hospital’s services.

Mr. Mudhbari informed the press that none of the protesting health workers and hospital employees have been paid various allowances including the Covid-19 risk allowance for the past eight months. Employees have said that they have not received service extension allowance, medical treatment allowance, and COVID-19 risk allowance from the last eight months.