Mbappe will not be given special treatment; Mauricio Pochettino

Mbappe will not be given special treatment; Mauricio Pochettino

Killian Mbappe’s agreement with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is one year away. In the language of football, he will become a ‘free-agent’ after June 30. This means that he will be able to sign with the club of his choice. And PSG will not receive the transfer amount.

PSG wants to keep the 22-year-old forward at the club. But no agreement has been reached yet to renew the agreement. That is why there are rumors that he is going to Real Madrid. PSG is in a dilemma whether to sell Mbappe in this transfer market or lose him for free next year.

If Mbappe stays at PSG for next season, he is curious about how coach Mauricio Pochettino will use him. Pochettino answers that question.

“Killian’s deal is one year away. Therefore, he will play for PSG next season. And he will be treated normally. He and another player with five years left on their contracts are the same for me, “said the former Tottenham coach. He also clarified that Mbappe had not talked to him about renewing the agreement.

While there are rumors that Mbappe will leave PSG, the French club has already recruited some new players. Giorgino Vinaldom from Liverpool, Gianluigi Donaruma, and Acharf Hakimi from Inter Milan have reached PSG. PSG plans to add more new players. There are rumors that Paul Pogba of Manchester United will return to France.

“PSG is active in the transfer market. I don’t know what our team will be like at the beginning of the season. Some players may leave the club and some new players may join us. Nothing can be said right now, “said Pochettino.

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