Tokyo Olympics 2021: Saraswati Chaudhary eliminated from the first round

Kathmandu: Nepali athlete Saraswati Chaudhary has been eliminated from the first round of the 32nd Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. In the previous match, Chaudhary could not perform well in the women’s 100 meter race. She completed the required distance in 12.91 seconds. Chaudhary finished eighth in the group of nine players.

Earlier, Chaudhary had a record of 12.55 seconds to complete the 100-meter race. With the performance of Chaudhary, the competition of Nepali athletes in Tokyo Olympics has come to an end.

Five athletes from Nepal had participated in the Tokyo Olympics in four games. Kalpana Pariyar of shooting, Sonia Bhatt of judo, Alex Shah of swimming and Gaurika Singh have played before. All four have been eliminated from the competition. Pariyar competed in the women’s 10m air rifle, Bhatta in the women’s 48kg weight class, Shah in the 100m freestyle and Singh in the 100m freestyle. Shah and Singh in swimming and Pariyar in shooting had set national records in their respective sports.