52 countries provide assistance to India during the second phase of the epidemic

Corona Virus

New Delhi, South Asian giant India has been assisted by at least of 52 countries in favor of tackling the Covid-19 pandemic. Countries also expressed sympathy to India by providing various resources including health supplies and equipment. After the epidemic spread, it was easier for India, which had various shortages and problems, to manage the epidemic due to the support of those countries.

Initially, there were various shortcomings and problems, but the management of internal resources and foreign resources and assistance has been easier, officials said.

In the meeting of the National Assembly, Minister of State for External Affairs Muralitharan also thanked the allies for their support. “During the second phase of the epidemic, many friendly nations have openly supported us, shown sympathy, and we are grateful to them,” he said.

He also informed that especially the equipment, medicines, vaccines, and other health items provided by foreign donors have been a great relief. “To date, we have seen 52 countries provide various assistance, from the government to government, from institution to institution, from company to company or from person to person,” said Minister of State for External Affairs Muralitharan.