Is Paul in a hurry to get the title?

Paul Saha with Real Hero Title

Paul Saha with Real Hero Title

Actors of Nepali films have been given various titles by media persons from various organizations. These titles are also easily accepted by artists. Thus, while receiving the title, the artist is sometimes criticized. There are also comments that the artist wants to win the hearts of the audience and should not rush to get the title.

Some time ago, hero Pal Shah was given the title of ‘Real Hero’ by the team of the television program ‘Rajatpat’. Paul also readily accepted the title.

Some criticized Paul’s haste to win the title. However, hero Pal Shah has said that he did not work to get the title.

In an interview, Paul said, “I did not work to get the award. I have worked with the feeling of who does what if I don’t. But, I have taken it that someone should accept after giving respect. ‘

Paul said that he loved the title when the team of veterans working in the field of the film gave him the title. He said, “It is not a matter of asking for respect. I should not be told not to take the honor bestowed on me. I have accepted the honor given by someone. ‘

Shah has been working for the victims of Corona since the first phase of Lockdown.

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