Delta Plus is active along with Delta, Number of patients close to 4,000

Corona Virus

Kathmandu. The second wave of the corona epidemic is not under control and the number of infected people is increasing daily. According to the Ministry of Health and Population, 17,518 samples were tested on Tuesday and 3,899 people were confirmed infected.

The previous day, 17 thousand 272 tests across the country on Monday confirmed the infection of Covid-19 in 3421 people. While 21,316 samples were tested in 9,483 cases on 28 April, which is considered the high point of the second wave, the infection was confirmed in 1,603 people in the second wave on 20 July.

But looking at the statistics of 23 days since then, the number of infected people is between two thousand and three thousand till 4 o’clock. On 5 July, 3,123 people were infected. The number of infected people, which had been declining for three days, rose to 3,114 from 9 July. The number of newly infected people has reached 2,237 on July 26, 3,421 on July 26, and 2,899 on July 30.

On a weekly basis, 16,961 people have been confirmed infected in the first week of July 20 (July 21-27). The infection was confirmed in 17,537 people in the next seven weeks (July 28-July 3) and 19,448 in the third week (July 4-10).

Why did the infection increase?

In the first wave, the infection had increased within three weeks of the opening of the lockdown. The train of transition growth in the second wave is the same as in the first wave. The ban has been gradually relaxed and political activity has increased in recent days.

While the delta variant, which is more contagious than before, remains in the community, the ban has been lifted and the infection has increased. Anup Bastola explains. ‘As the ban was relaxed, many people came out. But they did not follow public health standards. Which seems to have increased the infection, ’said Dr. Bastola said.

He said that some of the vaccinated people were also infected as the crowds at the vaccination centers increased.

He said that there was another reason for the increase in the number of people who made the same mistake after opening the lockdown in the first wave. Recently, the number of infected people in hospitals has also increased. Bastola said.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Sher Bahadur Pun said that the infection has increased due to negligence in following the health standards as soon as the injunction was relaxed while the risk remained high. “The transition rate was very high. As the ban was lifted in every area, the crowds also increased. There was negligence in following the standards of public health. Which seems to have increased the infection ’Dr. Pun said.

He said that political parties and student unions were equally to blame for the increase in the transition. The infection may have increased as they gathered in the streets and chanted slogans.

Similarly, the infection may have increased due to the compulsory testing of the students going abroad and the students participating in the campus-level examinations. Pun says. As the Delta and Delta Plus variants are more contagious, people who have not been infected before have been found to be infected lately, he said.

“If the second wave of infection is high and the infection has been stable for a long time, another contagious new variant will be seen, which will increase the risk of the third wave,” he said.

Delta Plus activated with Delta

According to the ministry, Delta Variety and its Mutant Delta Plus are now active. Forty-seven samples collected from across the country were sent to India on 30 June for gene sequencing.

Delta variants have been found in all the samples. Delta Plus mutants have been found in 3 of them. So far, alpha, delta and kappa variants have been found in Nepal, which are considered more contagious. The ministry has also urged to adhere to public health standards and prepare for possible third tier challenges.