Raj Kundra adult film racket case: Enforcement Directorate likely to probe money laundering angle

The Raj Kundra adult films racket is only getting murkier by the day. After several raids by the Crime Branch at Kundra and Shilpa Shetty‘s home, a latest report suggests that the Enforcement Directorate may now join the case. According to Etimes, the ED may be joining to probe the money laundering angle that has surfaced. As per the report, a suspicious financial transaction between Kundra and a South African bank account of Mercury International company (online betting and casino gaming) has come to the fore. The police added that Shilpa Shetty has denied any role in the racket. 

Over the weekend, the Crime Branch officials had found a ‘mystery’ cupboard which was reportedly “well concealed” in the walls of Raj Kundra’s office. From the cupboard, several files and boxes pertaining to his finances were recovered. Kundra’s companies Viaan Industries, Armsprime and Hotshot app are now under forensic auditing by the Crime Branch. 

An official told ETimes, “We have brought these files, which will be studied by the forensic auditing team. We are sending eight servers seized from Kundra’s office for forensic analysis as prima facie we have found pornographic data deleted after the police busted the racket in February. Experts can find out whether these servers have been used to upload pornographic material to Kenrin.” 

Apart from this seized material, Kundra and techie Ryan Thorpe’s laptops have also been seized by the Mumbai police. “We also seized the SAN (Storage Area Network) box. Huge data was deleted once our case was filed on instructions from Raj Kundra. Also, after Kundra’s arrest, more data was deleted,” said an official.