Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to visit Nepal


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will visit Nepal soon.
“Preparations are going on both sides. the date has yet to be decided though. There is the likelihood of it happening soon.
Addressing a press conference at the ministry on Monday Foreign Minister Narayan Khadka had also talked about a high-level visit to Nepal without disclosing who is going to visit.
China had publicly commented against the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact ahead of its recent ratification by the House.
Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin first said China opposes ‘coercive diplomacy’ referring to the February 28 deadline given by America to ratify the MCC Compact during a press conference on February 18 responding to reports in the Nepali media that US Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Donald Lu warned Nepali leaders that America will review bilateral ties with Nepal if the MCC Compact is not passed by February end.
Responding to media queries during another press conference five days later Spokesperson at the Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying warned that Nepal will find the meat of MCC difficult to chew.
“I noticed that a US State Department spokesperson said earlier that Nepal’s failure to ratify the MCC compact will affect bilateral ties. The US Embassy in Nepal described the $500 million MCC grant as “a gift from the American people to Nepalis. I wonder, since when does a gift come with the package of an ultimatum? How can anyone accept such a gift? Is it a gift or Pandora’