Clashes in New Baneshwor, protesters seen with sharp weapons [Photos]

KATHMANDU: FEB. 27 – Protesters and police have clashed in the New Baneshwor area over the US Assistance Project (MCC). Because of the clash, the situation in New Baneshwor has become tense.

Stones are being thrown at police officers by protesters. Some protesters have arrived armed with sharp weapons such as a sickle. Water cannons and tear gas are being used by police to keep the crowd under control.

Although the parties in the ruling coalition agreed to get the MCC approved by the parliament, the protests have not stopped. Earlier, the ruling Maoist center, CPN-S and other parties had been organizing protests.

As the protesters approached the police, police officers charged with sticks, tear gas, and water cannons. Some protesters have been injured as a result of the clash. The Red Cross rescued the injured.