National Assembly by-election to find Ram Bahadur Thapa’s successor on May 20

The Election Commission has announced that it is holding a by-election in the Bagmati province to elect one of the province’s representatives to the National Assembly, on May 20.

Earlier last week, the position held by Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa had turned vacant with the CPN-Maoist Centre, the party which he had represented during his election, expelling him after he joined the CPN-UML. Accordingly, the commission announced the by-election as per the law.

Chiefs and deputies of the local governments and Provincial Assembly members will cast votes in the National Assembly elections.

It is likely that the UML will field Thapa again for the position. If the UML voters belonging to the Madhav Kumar Nepal-led rival faction of the party also vote for Thapa, his reelection is certain.