The coalition will not be shattered as a result of MCC: Leader Khanal


KATHMANDU: FEB. 18 – Former Prime Minister and respected leader of the CPN-Unified Socialists, Jhala Nath Khanal, has stated that the alliance will not be broken up under any circumstances. Speaking to reporters at Parliament House on Friday, Khanal stated that the MCC would not cause any problems for the alliance.

Khanal stated that the alliance was formed through consensus and that the MCC had nothing to do with it. Because the MCC is not an issue of the alliance, but of the country and the people, it should be resolved in accordance with popular sentiment.

Khanal stated that the Prime Minister had his own opinions and desires and that it was natural for the Prime Minister to meet with UML Chairperson KP Oli while the parliament was not in session.

Khanal stated that the MCC contains a treasonous provision and that it will not be passed until the amendment is passed.