Registration of voter ID cards postponed from Tuesday: What is the number of total voters?


KATHMANDU, Feb 8: With the announcement of the date of election of new representatives in the local bodies, the Election Commission (EC) has postponed the registration of the voter Identity Card (ID) from Tuesday.

The government on Monday announced that it will hold the local level polls on May 13.

The poll body has directed all the registration offices to stop the registration of new voters and dispatch data acquired so far, according to Salikram Sharma, the spokesperson at the EC.

The poll body now has 95 days to make necessary preparations to conduct the local-level election successfully.

As per the law, no new voter registration can be made after the announcement of the dates of the election.

As of Monday, as many as 10.90 million names have been registered for voter ID cards, according to preliminary data acquired by the commission.