Lalitpur to boast intelligent traffic lights at 6 crossroads, other 1,100 smart street lights


Kathmandu, February 3

The Lalitpur city is planning to install intelligent traffic lights at six major crossroads soon.

Likewise, plans are ready to install around 1,100 smart street lights along major road sections.

Mayor Chiribabu Maharian says the city government is installing intelligent traffic control systems at crossroads at Kupandol, Harihar Bhawan, Jhamsikhel, Dhobighat, Jaulakhel, and Lagankhel.

Earlier, the federal Department of Roads had introduced a similar plan, but that is yet to materialize. City officials say the city introduced its own plan due to the department’s delay. But, they assure the department will also be consulted.

Meanwhile, the city government is investing Rs 90 million in the smart street light project. The Nepal Electricity Authority is extending its technical support.

Besides core city roads, those in Bungamati, Khokana, Sunakothi, Dhapakhel, Harisiddhi, and Bhainsepati will also benefit from the project.

Before this, the city had installed over 600 such lights in the city. Officials say the project has been extended as it proved successful.