Minister in street to end footpath encroachment

KATHMANDU: FEB. 2 – Ram Kumari Jhakri, the Minister of Urban Development, has taken to the streets to clear the encroached footpath Dhobikhola Corridor.

Minister Jhakri led the effort to clear the road footpath encroachment from Anamnagar on Thursday. A team of personnel from the concerned offices, including the Metropolitan Police, Municipal Police, and Ministry staff, worked alongside the Minister to clear the area where the road footpath had encroached.

According to ministry officials, the construction materials piled up along the roadside would be controlled and transported to a vacant area in Guhyeshwari before being returned to the IC to be picked up by the individual concerned.

According to the Ministry, after giving written and verbal notice 15 days before the road was empty, the Minister herself had to come to the field to end footpath encroachment.

The campaign will now be carried out in all of the overpasses, according to the ministry.